CSNDSP 2020 – Virtual Venue

Published by Vitor Gonçalves on

A Conferences Service

I remember being excited about this project when it was proposed to me. This was the virtual venue for a conference that was supposed to happen Porto, Portugal, but had to be changed nearly last minute due to the pandemic crisis. Most of the requirements were quite straightforward, but it consisted of a target audience that I had no experience with and


To create a platform that allows for all particiipants to inform and colaborate on the normal operations of the conference.

The project


  • To allow for a semi-asynchronous scientific discussion over submitted papers
  • To display the details of all papers with the appropriate speaker, authors, moderators, video e PDF attachment.
  • To allow for a scientific discussion for each paper, following the model of a Q&A as usual in conferences
  • To allow for sessions’ and papers’ contents to be managed in a scheduled manner identical to a physical conference
  • To promote scientific discussion as well as casual interaction between all participants


  • To incorporate a database from a source that was not designed for compatibility
  • A user may be the moderator, author, speaker or just a participant depending on contest, and should be labelled accordingly
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