Virtual Venues for
Scientific Conferences

A complete service to hold a scientific conference online

Stable, secure and scalable.

I provide a bouquet of services to create a virtual venue for a scientific conference. I will create a stable platform, with an intuitive interface using the latest standards in design. The platform is supported by video-conferencing software to allow for engaging live events with a stage and an audience, as well as online Q&A features for thought provoking asynchronous discussion allowing for different time zones.


In a short time and for a reasonable price.


We're very satisfied with Vítor's service in providing not only a complete platform to host our conference, but also in collaborating on several aspects of administrative processes and graphical design.
Sérgio Faria, PhD - IT Leiria

"Vitor was very flexible with every request and was able to deploy a complete platform on a very short notice.
This allowed for a very successful transition of the conference to a virtual venue and I think I can say that all participants were very satisfied with the experience."
Luís Nero, PhD - IT Aveiro

Get a better idea of what the platform might look like by visiting the sample.


Online Q&A for more constructive discourse
All questions and activity can be made into reports
Video-conferencing sessions to unite participants across the world
Passive discussion spaces allow to further scientific discussion


Transparent development with close accompaniment
Always available for last minute updates
Tailored and customized design
Adaptable to requests








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